Non-Surgical Contouring

Calf Muscle Slimming

Calf reduction is typically done as a way to feminize the legs, creating a smooth contour from the knees to the ankle. When calves lack a defined curve, the lower legs can appear shorter, more masculine, and can make wearing certain clothing items (like pant and boots) difficult. Botox injections, while less invasive than surgical muscle resection of the calf muscle, liposuction, or nerve ablation, can still create noticeable and lasting effects for patients who desire a slimmer lower leg. Using a series of syringes, 50-100 units of Botox will be carefully injected evenly across the gastrocnemius muscle on each side. The gastrocnemius muscle is the most superficial calf muscle that is responsible for bulkiness and definition of the calf. This procedure can often be performed in under an hour but typically requires at least 2 treatment sessions to see noticeable results. Maintenance treatments are also necessary to see continued effects. The goal of a calf reduction by Botox injection is to slim and contour the calf muscles.

Shoulder Slimming

A slim shoulder and neck line, together with well-defined collarbones are considered one of the most feminine and attractive features in a woman, which is why clothing exposing these features have always been popular fashion items. However, the reverse is also true, as well-developed trapezius muscles are often regarded as a masculine feature, and tend to look awkward in women.

If you think that your trapezius muscles are disproportionately large, you can consider Botox treatment to recontour your neck and shoulder lines for a more feminine frame.

Sculptra Butt Lift

An alternative procedure to the ever-popular Brazilian Butt Lift, the Sculptra Butt Lift may be just what you’re looking for to enhance your summer body this year. This procedure is a non-surgical butt lift that is unique — it stimulates the body’s own collagen production, collagen being the protein responsible for soft, supple, youthful skin. Collagen production is shown to slow down significantly as we age, affecting the skin on our entire body.

Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid that is injected and then plumps and lifts, different to classic fillers which work to produce more volume. This butt lift works through triggering an inflammatory response which thickens the skin and results in a firmer and more voluptuous behind. Collagen will be produced faster and more healthily, and overall results will gradually manifest more vividly as time goes on. One single treatment session with Sculptra can give results that can last two years or longer without any downtime, however, for some, the butt lift will require a couple of sessions to achieve the full effect.

Some benefits to this treatment include:


  • Subtle results that fade naturally over time
  • Non-invasive
  • Emphasis on contour and shape
  • Minimal to no down time

How much does it costs? A vial of Sculptra goes for $800 and most patients end up using around four to eight vials on average.